Hand Strapping is a type of plastic strap that can be tensioned using manual hand tensioners or battery operated strapping tools. Hand strapping has a great variety of industrial and agricultural applications. In general plastic strapping can be used to bundle, palletize or package product. Hand strapping is wrapped around the product and tensioned. The plastic strap can be tensioned using a manual strapping tensioner to cinch down the strapping and a strapping seal or buckle can be used to hold it secure. The core size of strapping used is dependent on the strapping cart. The break strength required is determined by the weight of the product or pallet. Battery operated strapping tools offer an extremely productive efficiency to packaging using hand strap. At ER Packaging we have a large offering of hand strapping and plastic strapping tools. Manual hand tools for the most basic form of strap application. They are perfect for operations that either do not have access to power sources or do not require the speed of powered hand tools.

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